Laboratory of Cold Atoms Near Surfaces

Bose-Einstein condensation

The on-chip magnetic trap

Ioffe-Prichard (IP) type magnetic trap "in space" and on-chip was produced together with the optimization of the atomic sample transport to the chip.


Upper trap in the BEC setup is working

There are two magneto optical traps working in our setup. The lower one (called 2D+ MOT) collects rubidium atoms from the vapor and sends them thanks to a radiation pressure force to the upper MOT, called 3D MOT. The number of atoms in the upper MOT is about 109 and the cloud temperature is 50 μK.


Lower trap in the BEC setup is working now

The lower magnetooptical trap (2D+ MOT = 2D MOT + pushing beam, which provides further cooling) which is the source of atoms for the upper magnetooptical trap (3D MOT) is now working.


Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) preparation

The vacuum system (together with rubidium dispensers, magnetic fields and atom chip) from ColdQuanta was bought thanks to the National Laboratory for Quantum Technologies project. In this setup BEC for 87Rb atoms will be produced.