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Cracow theme for Beamer class in LaTeX

We would like to encourage to use LaTeX Beamer class to prepare computer presentations. There is a lot of presentation themes called after names of some of the cities. Here we present one more theme which we unoficially called Cracow.

Polish version
English version
LaTeX: schemat Cracow do klasy Beamer
LaTeX: Cracow theme for Beamer class

Cracow theme bases on the Warsaw theme. The following simple modifications were introduced. An additional text is displayed in the middle of the footnote – it is defined in the \gdzie command (this field cannot be left blank). Frame number and the total number of frames are displayed in the right part of footnote. The right field in the header is greater at the cost of the left field. Font size of the optional frame title is smaller. The navigation icons are removed from the presentation.

Here you may download English version or Polish version.

.zip files contain:

  1. presentation template source file,
  2. style files generating Cracow theme,
  3. compiled PDF file,
  4. auxiliary logo.jpg file (used on the title page only).

(c) 2012 Tomasz Kawalec