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Article in Optical Engineering

The article Construction and performance of an optical phase and frequency lock of diode lasers (T. Kawalec, D. Bartoszek-Bober) was published in Optical Engineering 52, 126105 (2013).

The technique of the laser frequency (phase) tunable stabilization is one of the main concernes in every atomic physics laboratory. Cheap and easy to use modern radio chips allow to construct simple and efficient optical phase locked loop (OPLLs). This manuscript deals with the OPLLs for external grating diode lasers used to stabilize their relative frequency to an external reference signal. In particular the following issues are discussed:

  1. the performance of the optical phase lock loop based on integrated PLL chips,
  2. the stable interference pattern between two different lasers, showing quantitatively the stability of the phase lock loop,
  3. an example of a very simple frequency lock realized with an all-in-one radio chip,
  4. practical tips facilitating the construction of the optical phase lock for atomic physics.

T. Kawalec, D. Bartoszek-Bober, “Construction and performance of an optical phase and frequency lock of diode lasers,” Optical Engineering, Ed. Ronald G. Driggers, 52(12), 126105, (2013)

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